Personal Data and General Confidentiality Agreement

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Siberveri.com.tr never sells, leases and uses the personal information of its customers to third parties. Saved data can be used only in communication, security and announcement works by keeping it in Siberveri.com.tr.

These operations;

Using contact information for order delivery,
Providing information flow to related fraud and malicious activities,
To send correspondence, press releases, press releases, notifications about our products with information about publicity and information
Providing information about products and services that may be relevant to you,
Supply and demand analysis and market research,
To be able to know more about the general consumer demand and requests,

When you become a member of our site, you agree to use your personal information for these purposes.

Your personal information (except your password) only sees personnel within Siberveri.com.tr.

Siberveri.com.tr works very sensitive to its privacy policies, but it does not guarantee that other sites referred to through the links on our site will comply with the privacy policies and is not responsible for any breach of security.

Therefore, we recommend that you evaluate the privacy and security approaches of the sites you are referring to.

If you wish to be exempt from the above mentioned services and applications, please contact us by e-mail or telephone.